Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles are a powerful way to develop yourself—by seeing and supporting others, and allowing yourself to be seen, significant personal change can unfold.

Plus, group work is dynamic and fun.

Grow with the support of like-minded people.

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What is a Circle?

A space where a group of like-minded individuals come together for a set period of time to explore a particular focus for their own development.

It's a group coaching environment led by an expert facilitator, where participants learn basic coaching skills while supporting each other and getting supported by the group. Each Circle will have a specific developmental topic of interest — see examples below.

Logistics: A typical Circle

While each circle may be different, these are the core elements:

  • 8-12 participants
  • Meet every 2 weeks for 90 minutes over 3-6 months
  • Interact at least once per week on group board (e.g. Slack) to support one another's development
  • Have one partner call per week to deepen your development
  • Get one or more 1:1 coaching sessions with the facilitator

2023 Coaching Circle Offerings

These Circles are still being planned. Indicate your interest and share your email below to be notified once dates are finalized.

Conscious Founder Fundamentals

ETA 2023 · 6 Sessions

Learn and practice the foundational tools of Conscious Leadership as you step into your role with more authenticity and power. Building a business is the perfect sandbox to develop yourself.

This circle will cover the core elements of conscious leadership such as: locating your self, and practicing the commitments of 100% responsibility, curiosity, feeling feelings, candor, gossip, and agreements.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

ETA 2023 · 6 Sessions

As leaders and problem solvers we live in our heads. Yet there is an immense amount of wisdom to be gained in our lives by tapping into our emotions.

This circle will cover topics such as why we avoid emotions, what the core emotions have to each us, feeling for healing, nervous system regulation, and the neuroscience of emotional intelligence and leadership.

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What are the benefits of group coaching?

Build a Community

Connect to and build a relationship with a group of 8-12 like-minded people.

Discover new dimensions of yourself

Change deeply rooted behaviors to unlock new power and potential in your work.

Expand your capacity to relate to others

Cultivate compassion for others, and learn about yourself as you become aware of how you relate to them.

Become the leader and human being that you know you can be

What we learn in a group directly translates to our inherently social work and personal life.

Learn Essential Coaching Skills

The fundmental coaching skills you develop to support others in this group translate to your work and personal life.

Live with Authenticity / Find your Voice

Play your edges in the group to find your own new frontiers of growth!

Join a Circle

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