Blaze a trail that's all your own.

"I don't know where I'm going, but I know how to get there."
Lion tracker's guide to life

I help leaders, early-stage startup founders, and motivated individuals shift their beliefs, change their behavior, and expand their inner/outer world views through self awareness and intentional action.

The result is authentic, impactful leadership and a greater sense of aliveness at work and in life.

Approach & Methodologies

Each of us views the world uniquely, and like a fish in water, we are mostly unaware of the water that we swim in. That water is our context. In working together I'll be a mirror to help you better see your context so that you can take new action in integrity with who you are and how you want to lead.

Every person's needs in a coaching relationship are unique to them and we'll tailor your coaching to your needs. The following methodologies are the primary influences we'll lean on in our engagement.

Conscious Leadership

Much of our work will be centered around practicing the 15 commitments of conscious leadership from the Conscious Leadership Group. This powerful toolkit enables deep self awareness and requires taking 100% responsibility for all that is within your control—it empowers you to be the author of your life.

Plus, CLG encourages play, something I've learned how to do more of as an adult and love to share.

Aletheia Unfoldment

Life is inherently complex. Aletheia helps us unlock the parts of us that have us stuck, and help us return to operating from our true, authentic selves.

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Coaching Outcomes

Your outcomes are unique to you—these are some common benefits.

Discover your blindspots

Change deeply rooted behaviors to unlock new power and potential in your work.

Lead the way you know how

Find your authentic voice, style, and way of leading.

Stay accountable to your growth

Create structure and accountability that executives often lack.

Gain clarity, direction, and purpose

Discover your zone of genius, align your calendar and actions with your energy.

Transform your career and life for the better

Wherever you go, there you are. Use your life now as the primary tool for your personal evolution.

Make a greater impact in the world

Once your energy is freed up you can use it to have an impact born out of your unique gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like working together?

My coaching style is both challenging and supportive: challenging in that you'll be asked to take 100% responsibility for the circumstances that are within your control, and supportive in that I promise to see and hold you as already whole.

What's a typical engagement length?

"Change happens at the pace of biology." I have found that to be true. I like to work with every-other week for 6 months, though we can tailor our time together to fit your needs and your life.

What's the Process to get started?

It's important that we both have a whole-body yes to working together.

Schedule a chemistry call to see if we're a good fit, and we'll take appropriate next steps from there.

Am I ready to be coached?

This is a great question to ask. You are ready if you're open to change, if you are curious, if you willing to exploring new parts of yourself.

What are common coaching topics?

Our patterns and world views show up both at work and at home—the work we do in one area impacts the other. That said, these are some common topics: 

- Conflicts with co-founders or colleagues
- Feeling alone at the top
- Dealing with imposter syndrome
- Wanting to gain more confidence, or wanting to be seen or known in your work
- Wanting to have a bigger impact
- Wanting to discover and spend more time in your zone of genius

Do you use the Enneagram?

I have worked with the Enneagram for several years and have methods of using it to support your development.

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