Are you ready to step into your career, relationships, and life with more authenticity? 

Hello and welcome, I'm Robert.

You’re here because someone we both know sent you my way, or you found me via LinkedIn, Google search, etc.

I work with budding and seasoned professionals to enable them to lead a fuller and more meaningful life at work, and at home. I want to help you show up in life with authenticity and integrity.

In a fast-paced world filled with noise and distractions, our time together will allow you to slow down, if even for an hour, to focus on you, your goals, and whatever has you feeling stuck around achieving them.

You’re in the right place if you identify with any of the following:

  1. You’re an executive, leader, or high-performing team member who wants to show up in your work more authentically.
  2. You want to gain confidence in who you are so that you can step into the world more powerfully.
  3. You are in transition, and want to use this moment as a catalyst for growth and ensure that your next step is the right step.

Together in a coaching engagement we'll work to open you to new depths so that you can be in all of life more fully.

Why work with me?

  1. I have over a decade of experience in the tech world, serving as VP of Product and President of a startup that I co-started, and Head of Product of another. My deep experience in both leadership and individual contributor roles allows me to understand a variety of business contexts and interpersonal dynamics.
  2. I bring a diversity of coaching training and personal experience that I'll tailor to your unique situation. I've been a practicing forum member of the Conscious Leadership Group since 2019, am a certified Integral Coach, and am trained in Aletheia Unfoldment, all which utilize the Enneagram as an entry point to discovering the blindspots of each personality type.
  3. I believe that we are each whole already, and from that place I'll be your biggest supporter in helping you get to where you want to be.

What is it like to work together, and how might you transform in the process? 

  • We'll set a goal with definable outcomes so that you can stay aligned to your arc of development during our time together.
  • I'll support you in exploring new parts of yourself, opening you up to new possibilities that have been yet unavailable to you.
  • You'll learn to tune into your emotions more deeply as a way of accessing their intelligence to understand what you really want, and find the courage to go after it.

What you may discover is that the way you show up at work is the way you show up at home and in life, and that way of showing up is malleable—like clay. Through our coaching engagement you will meet new parts of yourself and take bold steps that enable a new way of being that you haven't experienced before.

Hiring a coach at any stage can be a phenomenal investment in your own well-being, enjoyment, and contribution in life.

Ready to get started?

If you're ready to take bold action to develop yourself and enjoy the fruits of a fuller lived experience, book a free session with me to see if my style of coaching is a good fit for you.

All the best,


What Leaders Are Saying

City Manager
I worked with Robert through two coaching sessions. During these sessions, Robert gave me actionable insights that allowed me to realize my goals and secure a promotion. I really appreciated Robert's ability to visualize the things that were holding me back, and help me figure out how to address them in a way that felt authentic. I highly recommend working with Robert for anyone looking for coaching on specific goals or general advice on how to level up in a professional setting.
Program Manager
Coaching sessions with Robert are dynamic and purposeful. He works with you to build a strong foundation for pursuing life goals with confidence. I would say I was in a rut and lacked clarity before I began working with Robert, and now have more trust in myself to achieve whatever I want.
Startup Marketing Manager
He's like a professional friend that cares for you and challenges you.
Founder & CEO
Robert is one of my favorite leaders in our coaching group. He's an incredible listener and has this uncanny ability to make people feel seen. A rare superpower in today's society.
Director, Software Development
I highly recommend Robert’s coaching. After just one session I already found a path of resolution to the challenge I was facing.


Get a taste of what working together will be like.

Conscious Leadership

Apply the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership to specific situations in your work and personal life. Gain insights and discover tools to help you shift from drama to curiosity in your day-to-day.

Aletheia Unfoldment

You're already whole. Move from self-improvement: "I am or have a problem that needs solving," to self-unfoldment: "I am releasing constricted parts of myself so that I can feel free to be me."

Concepts you may have heard of that will be a part of our coaching conversations

"Through me vs. by me" way of being · Inner Critic · Above the Line/Below the Line · Full Aliveness · Drama Triangle (Victim, Villain, Hero) · Content vs. Context · Zone of Genius · Parts Work · Somatic Work · Presence · Play · Boundaries · Upper Limits